Cellular Jail, Port Blair (Andaman)

 “Cellular Jail” also known as Kala-Pani, one of the darkest part in the history of independence that reminds us the sacrifices of our freedom fighters.  And today we will know the cruel history of this heritage place. So Let’s Start:

Cellular Jail

 During the first revolution of 1857, the British planned to build this prison, and the purpose of making it was to capture the freedom fighters who participated in the freedom struggle, there was no communication among the prisoners. It was solitary confinement for all the convicts. This is why the name “Cellular Jail” was used for this establishment, where everyone was in a cell, away from the world.

The cellullar jail was a place designed to destroy the body and soul of all those who dared to oppose British rule. It had a total of 698 cells, each cell was 4.5×2.7 meters or 15×8 feet with one ventilator. The wings were designed in such a way that one wing faced the back of the next one.

Locker room

The wall around the prison was kept low, to indicate that even if anybody dares to cross them. They will die either by a bullet or by the wild animals in the surrounding jungles, or simply by hunger and thirst.

In the present day, this jail is a pilgrimage dedicated to the Indian freedom fighters. The jail building had seven wings with one central tower and a conical roof on the top. But at the time of the second world war, Japan Invaded the Andaman Islands in 1942 by carpet bombing from the air and drove the British out. The bombing destroyed two wings of the jail. And the earthquake of 1941 destroyed another building.

At present, it is one of the most popular destination for tourists who visit the place that once had seen extreme hardships faced by the freedom fighters. These brave freedom fighters put their lives on the line to bring the independence of the country.

In the end, we express our gratitude and salute all the freedom fighters and their sacrifices for the independence of our country. we fell very proud to be part of a country that had brave fighters who could fought for their rights, won and brought peace for all of us.

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